The Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Technology will provide you with knowledge and skills that are in demand. Our courses in computing, software programming, and network technology are up-to-date and taught by our international faculty of computer science professionals.

Our IT program provides both theory and practical programming and network skills. Our curriculum is based on international standards (IEEE & ACM) developed in the U.S. We integrate into our courses, online resources and course materials from some of the top universities in the world.

We are open to innovation. We can work with you to structure a tailored program to match your interests and requirements. Using our seminars, special topics, senior project and independent study courses, we can offer the right program for you.


Your Information Technology degree will prepare you for success in today’s demanding job market. In addition to technical knowledge we emphasize integrated skills development so that our students develop their communications skills and understanding of the work environment.

Career opportunities for our graduates include: Database Administrator/Developer, Computer Graphics Designer, Digital Content Creator/Editor, IT Support, IT Security Analyst/ Engineer, Network Administrator/ Engineer, Programmer/ Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Web Designer/ Developer, Webmaster.

The Information Technology Department at Payap University in Chiang Mai will provide you a high-quality education in computer, communications, and networking technology at a cost that is a fraction of that of universities in the US and Europe.

You will find Chiang Mai to be a safe, pleasant, interesting, and affordable place to live. Our city is one of the top holiday destinations in Asia and attracts young people from all over the world. Join us!