Criteria and Rationale for Annual Vacations for Faculty Members

Personnel who have worked not less than one year, counting any probationary period at the beginning of one’s employment, have the right to request 10 days of vacation per year [i.e. during the 2nd year], but that may not be during any time that important work for the university is being undertaken.

Instructors may request vacation time during any time during the university’s academic year including the summer term, except when the university shall determine that one has a work responsibility, and that work shall be covered in an item below (see”responsibilities during vacation times”).

In cases in which an instructor request several continuous days of vacation time Saturdays must be counted as well, since instructors are being paid to work on Saturday [although many Saturdays the instructor may actually have off if there are no classes or duties].

In cases in which the instructor has responsibilities during vacation times, or is unable to use vacation time as entitled, the instructor has the following options:

1. Up to one year’s worth of entitled vacation time may be accumulated and used in the following year. Those days must be used in the next year (or they are forfeited).

2. Payment (for no more than 10 days) may be requested for this work on the scale set by the university.

Forms must be completed to take these times off. [The forms are in the personnel office].

In effect as of September 24, 2010.

Signed by Dr. Boonratna Boayen