PYU Forms

Forms in alphabetical order


For Students

Certificate Request Form (PYU 0221/6/53/49)

Change of First Name, Last Name, Address Form (PYU 0221/1/5/49)

Confirmation of Student Status Request Form (PYU 0221/6/1/51)

Data Checking Report in Semester of Thesis Enrollment or Written Comprehensive Examination (Master’s Degree) (PYU 0221/5/1/50)

General Request Form (PYU 0221/58/49)

Pre-registration Form (EN_PYU_PerRegister_eng_only_.pdf)

Official Transcript Request Form (PYU 0221/6/48/49)

Registration Form for a New Student (EN_PYU_PreRegisterNewStu_eng_only_.pdf)

Request for Approval of a Minor Program Form (PYU 0221/1/1/53)

Request for Credit Transfer from Higher Vocational Certificate Level Form (PYU 0221/1/2/2553)

Request for an Exemption Examination Form (PYU 0221/4/4/51)

Request for Graduation (Bachelor’s Degree) (PYU 0221/5/40/49)

Request for taking courses concurrently with a prerequisite course (PYU 0221/4/27/49)

Request for Maintaining Student Status Form (PYU 0221/1/4/52)

Request for Transfer of Credits Form (for Former Payap University Students) (PYU 0221/4/4/2553)

Request to Enroll in a Course Concurrently with a Prerequisite Course (PYU 0221/4/27/49)

Request to Enroll More Credits Than Those Stipulated (PYU 0221/3/22/49)

Resignation Request Form (PYU 0221/1/1/57)

Leave of Absence Request Form (PYU 0221/1/1/51)

Request to Resume Studies Form (PYU 0221/1/1/52)

Request to Study for a Second Bachelor’s Degree Form (PYU 0211/4/3/53)

Student ID Card Request Form (PYU 0221/1/2/49)

Student Profile (PYU 0221/1/5/2010)

Students whose class attendance is less than 80% (PYU 0221/4/26/49)

“W” Withdrawal Form (PYU 0221/4/6/51)

Waiver Form to enroll without a prerequisite Course (PYU 0221/4/3/56)


For Faculty

Instructors Workload Report

Leave of Absence Request Form (PYU 0106/1/53)

Leave of Absence Request Form for Administrator (PYU 0106/2/53)

Library Resource Purchase Order (PYU 4/2)


The Thai Immigration Office in Chiang Mai


FORM FOR ALIEN TO NOTIFY OF STAYING LONGER THAN 90 DAYS (TM.47) or Online (Internet Explorer only)