International Student Handbook


The information in this handbook is designed to help you get started. However, paper and ink can only cover part of the information you will want to know.

Table of Contents
Southeast Asia i
Chiang Mai iii
Mae Khao Payap Campus iv-v
University Information Contacts 1
Payap University 3
Payap University Profile 4
School Year Calendar 6
Campus Activities 6
Student Affairs 7
Registration 7
University Dress Code, General Etiquette, Behavioral Responsibilities, and Legal Issues 8
Library and Library Card 9
Food and Food Services 9
General Information Immigration Issues 10
Royal Thai Embassies and Consulates Abroad 11
Health Insurance and Services 12
Pharmacies 13
Dental Services 13
Banking 13
Housing 13
Transportation Licensing and Parking 14
Personal Vehicles 14
Public Transportation, Bus 15
Public Transportation, Other 16
Walking and Bicycling 17
“Two Wheels and a Cool Heart” 17
Important Health Information and Advice AIDS 18
Water 18
Diarrhea 18
Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Mosquitoes 18
Rabies 19
Trauma 19
Bathrooms 19
Vaccinations 19
Electricity 19
Encountering Thai Culture and Customs Culture Shock 20
Expect Attention and Questions 20
Important Differences: Social and Physical Hierarchies 21
The Wai 21
Khun, Khrap, Kha 21
Personal Relationships 22
Royalty and Buddhist Monks 23
“Riap Roy”: What is Proper? 23
Thai Foods and Eating Etiquette 24
Time and Language 25
History: A Look at Chiang Mai 26
Major Festivals & Holidays in Chiang Mai 28
When You Have Free Time 29
Bibliography of Selected Books on Thailand Must Reading! 36
General Books 36
A Summary of Hints for a Healthy, Happy Stay in Thailand 37

Additional Information

Health and Accident Insurance for International and Thai Students

Immigration Services For Foreign Students of Payap University