Health and Accident Insurance for International and Thai Students

International College and Thai students, depending on their nationality, are covered under one of two insurance policies for health and accident insurance while they are a student at Payap University. Thai students have one policy and foreigners have another. However, all coverage is under Bupa Health Insurance Company.  Thai students are charged 1,400 baht while foreign students are charged 3,700 baht.

Students will be covered by Bupa Health Insurance Company starting from 1 June 2013 to 31 May 2014. Students should be receiving a Bupa Insurance Card by July, 2013. The health insurance card will be presented to the medical facility at the time you are requesting medical care[1]. Until the time that insurance cards are issued, students will need to file a claim. This means the students must pay up front for the health care coverage they are receiving.

Procedures to receive health care. (Foreigners)

Outpatient and Inpatient Care

  1. Go to the clinic or hospital.
  2. Be diagnosed and treated by a doctor and ask for a medical certificate from the doctor.
  3. Pay your bill and get the receipt.


Procedures to receive health care.

Outpatient Care Only

  1. Go to the clinic or hospital for whatever hospital they are entitled under the Thai National Plan.
  2. Be diagnosed and treated by a doctor
  3. Pay your bill. There is no reimbursement.

Inpatient Care Only

  1. Follow the procedures listed for Outpatient and Inpatient care for foreigners.

Procedures to be reimbursed (Foreigners as well as Thai students receiving inpatient care only)

Bring the following items to the nurse at Payap University:

  • Copy of Medical Certificate from the doctor
  • Copy of Receipt of Payment from the hospital
  • Copy of Tuition Receipt from Payap University
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of ID card
  • Copy of your book bank account number

The refund for reimburse will be sent to the student’s bank account.

Bupa is accepted at 300 hospitals and clinics in Thailand. Students should use a hospital that accepts Bupa insurance to avoid having to file a claim and pay up front. In Chiang Mai, Bupa is accepted at the following hospitals:

Hospital Name / Clinic Name

Telephone / Fax


Chiangmai Klaimor Hospital 053-200-002 158 Moo 10 Chiangmai-Hod Rd. Tumbon Padad Chiangmai 50000
Chiangmai Ram Hospital 053-224-861-7 8 Boonreungrit Rd. Tumbon Sripoom Chiangmai 50000
Lanna Hospital 053-357-2345-3 1 Sukkaseam Rd. Nakorkping Chiangmai 50310
Mccormick Chiangmai Hospital 053-921-777 133 Keawnavarat Rd. TumbonVudket Chiangmai 50000
Rajavej Chiangmai Hospital 053-801-999 316/1 Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd. Watkate Chiangmai 50000
Special Medical Center Hospital 053-946-506 110/392 Pipat Tower Intararoros Rd. Sripum Chiangmai 50210
Theppanya Hospital 053-852-590-9 99 Moo 5 Tumbon Faham Chiangmai 50000

If students wish to receive health care outside of Chiang Mai, please use Bupa’s Health website to find the health care provider in the area of Thailand that you will be in. (

For more information about this memo please see Mark Hefner in PC103;; 053-851-478 x7203

[1] While most injuries and illnesses are covered by Bupa, some are not. For more information on your coverage please contact Nurse Sukonjit in the Payap Health Care office in the Pantagorn Building (Room 107).