Credit by Examination

Students who believe that they are prepared for advanced study or that they are eligible for special credit are urged to take the exception tests. Students may receive credit for certain courses by successful performance on the exception tests. Thus students may use the time gained to take higher-level courses. Credit will be recorded simply with the grade of CE (Credits earned through an Examination). A fee of 2,500 baht is charged for each equivalency examination.

Please consult with an academic advisor for further information.

Application procedures:

1. Students cannot take an exemption test in any course they previously registered for.
2. Present Student ID Cards to obtain a “Request for an Exemption Examination Form” (PYU 0221/4/4/51) at the Educational Evaluation Unit two weeks before each semester begins.
3. Follow the specified instructions.
4. Pay the fee of 2,500 THB per course requested at the Finance Office (Issued as of 6 October 2016).
5. Exemption Tests are given by an affiliated department.
6. The transfer result will be notified within two weeks. Students can either check for the result in person or check via e-Registrar ( The approved letter grades are recorded as “CE” (Credits from Examination).


– Students may only take the Exception by Examination test once for a course.
– Students who fail the test will not be permitted to retake it and must enroll in the course.
– Students are not eligible to take the test if they are registered for the course, did not receive a passing grade, or have already attempted the course (a grade of W is considered as having attempted the course).
A passing grade is 60 or higher out of 100.