3. Deportment During Examination

3.1 Students must come to the examination on the day, hour and place appointed by the university. If a student misses an examination with excuse, the student will not be permitted to take the examination at another time and the student will be given a grade of zero for the examination.

3.2 Students must wear the correct Payap University uniform or they will not be allowed to enter the room for the examination.

3.3 Student may bring into the examination room only these writing instruments that are needed for that subject. Students may bring a purse (or handbag) to be placed under their chair after being examined by the proctor.

3.4 Student must provide a student identification card, Thai citizenship card or passport [as proof of identity] to enter the examination room.

3.5 Students must enter the examination room at the appointed time. Students will not be permitted to enter later than the following times:

3.5.1 30 minutes after the start of a final examination.

3.5.2 20 minutes after the start of a mid-term examination.

3.5.3 10 minutes after the start of other examinations.

3.6 Students will not be permitted to leave the examination room before the following times:

3.6.1 35 minutes after the time the final examination begins.

3.6.2 25 minutes after the time a mid-term examination begins.

3.7 Student who need anything or have any necessary business during the examination must raise their hand and ask permission from the proctor [before leaving their seats].

3.8 Students must stop writing immediately at the end of the examination time.

3.9 Students who violate the regulations 3.2, 3.3, 3.7 or 3.8 will receive a warning for the first offense. Students who violate these regulations a second time will not be allowed to take any further examinations.