7. Goal Setting


Be sure your goals are your own. It’s your life. Do what means most to you. Self-set goals are better motivators than those imposed by others.

  • Put goals in writing. This will lessen the odds of losing sight of your goals in the shuffle of daily activity. Writing goals also increases your commitment.
  • Make your goals challenging but attainable. Good goals are neither too easy nor impossible. They should cause you to stretch and grow. A challenging, attainable goal will hold your interest and keep you motivated.
  • Goals should be as specific and measurable as possible. Don’t say “I want a better job.” Ask yourself: What kind of jobs? Making how much money? In what industry? Living where? Requiring what kinds of skill? By when? Specify clearly what you want and you will save an enormous amount of time and effort.
  • Every goal should have a target date. Never think of a goal as a goal until you et a deadline for accomplishment.
  • Check your major goals for compatibility. Don’t fall into the trap of setting major goals where the achievement of one will prevent the attainment of another.
  • Frequently revise and update your goals. As a growing person your needs will change over time, and this means goals will have to be modified, discarded and added from time to time. Plan flexibly. Don’t think of your goals as carved in stone.