No. 185/2552 Regarding: Amendments to the 2551 Regulations on Health Services and Hospital Care of Students of Payap University

The following language is to be used in place of paragraphs 4, 6.3 and 7.2.1:

“Student” means persons with student standing at Payap University at the time of requesting health services or hospital care according to the regulations.

“Hospital Care” means examinations and medical care at McCormick Hospital, Chiang Mai, and includes examinations and care at McCormick Hospital or other hospital for students of the McCormick Faculty of Nursing who have accidents while doing clinical practice in hospitals or other institutions.

6.3 Examinations and care in cases of accidents in general

Accident insurance for a student’s group should be used. In case of McCormick Faculty of Nursing students who have accidents while undertaking clinical practice provided in the curriculum at a hospital or other institution not covered by the group accident insurance should be the rights provided in these regulations sharing the responsibility equally.

7.2.1 Students name must appear on the registration list for Payap University

The following addition should be made to paragraph 4:

“Costs of health service and hospital care” means the costs for health service and hospital care within an academic year which the university has charged the student who has not been removed from student status or who has maintained academic status for the year, whether registered for course or not.