Educational Quality Assurance Policy

In order that the educational quality assurance of Payap University operate continuously and productively, Payap University has designated the following policy:

  1. Each faculty and unit at all levels shall operate according to the internal quality assurance system as an integral part of the educational management process.
  2. There shall be an external quality system that urges the development of educational quality at every level, in accordance with the standards of external quality assurance of the Office of Standards and Educational Quality Assurance (OSEQA), and which makes supports the preparedness  of the university to receive the educational quality evaluation of the OSEQA [every five years].
  3. Each faculty and unit at every level shall present their internal and external quality evaluations to be part of the formulation of an educational quality development plan, and shall follow that plan successively.
  4. Enhance the knowledge management of quality assurance in the university.
  5. Enhance the positive attitude of every Payap University personnel toward quality evaluations and create a creative culture of quality evaluation.
  6. Enhance the elevation of units with outstanding practices.
  7. Student shall take the knowledge about educational quality assurance to use in student development activities.

Signed by the President

December7, 2010