No. 96/2552 Budget Allocations for Scholarships

Work Scholarships:

Work scholarships are financial assistant for students in which students do supervised work in a unit of the university. Students can work up to 15 hours a week at a rate of 25 baht per hour.

Scholarships for Employee’s Children:

These scholarships are exclusively for tuition for Payap University employees who are studying at Payap University. Details are included in the regulations announced in 2536. [Contact the Student Affairs Office for further information].

Scholarships for Pastor’s Children:

These scholarships are for children of pastors who are installed in churches in the Church of Christ in Thailand. There is no change from the previous announcement made in 1998.

Scholarships for Students in the McGilvary College of Divinity:

These scholarships provide financial assistance for students enrolled in the McGilvary College of Divinity. Regulations for these scholarships administered by the seminary are the same as in previous years.

Special Presidential Scholarships:

These scholarships are provided for students in Master’s programs in Payap University, and are described in the announcement about this program published after 14 October 2551. [Contact your dean if you are interested and feel you are qualified to be a teaching assistant].

Scholarships for Community Service:

These financial aid scholarships are available to students who wish to provide service to society. Students should prepare a project proposal and be supervised bya responsible person in that agency,together with at least one full-time instructor from Payap University. These scholarships provide tuition assistance in an amount not to exceed 20,000 baht, and are not convertible into cash, nor can any balances be given to the student. In addition, students must provide at least 100 hours of scheduled service and write a report of their work at the end of the project, or return the amount of the scholarship to the university.

Athletic Scholarship:

These are tuition scholarships allocated for selected athletes of Payap University. Regulations are outlined in announcement 322/2549. [For further information see the Student Affairs Office].

Scholarships Outside the University Budget

Scholarships to Build the Future:

These financial assistant scholarships are allocated from the principal or from designated contributions, or from interest derived from these sources, according to the principles and practices established by the university or by presidential directive. They are available from general scholarship funds for students in general, for students in the McCormick Faculty of Nursing, for children of persons who serve in  the Church of Christ in Thailand, and for others for whom particular conditions apply.

Scholarships with Other Names:

These scholarships are for financial aid in accordance with the policies of the university or the president and include Royal Patronage Scholarships for Higher Education for the Development of the Southern Provinces, Scholarships for Students of Chalerm Prakiat 48 Pansas School (His Majestry’s 48 Anniversary School], and all of them are administered by the President [of Payap University].


These scholarship funds are distributed according to the principles and procedures of Payap University according to practices which may change from year to year in terms of the amounts of  the scholarships and the nature of the recipients. The university shall set up a committee composed of a president and at least three (but no more than 15) committee members as well as a secretary. The committee will have authority to specify the types of scholarships, the number of scholarships, and the amounts of the scholarships, as well as to select the recipients.