Criteria for Comparisons of Administrative Work Loads

In calculating the work loads of faculty members who serve in administrative capacities the following comparative criteria are to be used:

President: the work load is calculated as 35 hours per week.

Vice President: 35 hours per week.

Assistants to the President and Deans: 29 hours per week.

Assistants to Vice Presidents: 26 hours per week.

Directors of units: 23 hours per week.

Associate Deans, assistants to deans, heads of curricular divisions, heads of departments, heads of offices, head of centers, assistants to head of departments: 20 hours per week.

Faculty members who are not appointed to administrative positions but have been given particular responsibilities shall have their work loads calculated as follows:

Curriculum coordinators or instructors with other [similar] responsibilities: 18 hours per week.

[Translators note: Other announcements describe what a full work load is. For example, an hour of lecture is give the weight of 2 work hours, an hour of supervising a lab is less than that, and time spent in advising student or assistant in projects are all added up to evaluate whether an instructor is working a full load or not.  Instructors should consult with their deans to make sure they understand what is expected. These have an impact on performance evaluations.]

In effect as of September 11, 2010.

Singed by Dr. Boonratna Boayen