Directions for Determining a Teaching Load 2009

1. The ordinary teaching load for faculty members teaching bachelor’s course is not less than 9 or more than 15 hours per week, counting from the courses which have the most students to those with the least. [Translator’s explanation: in listing courses to calculate overloads the (3 or 4) courses with the most students must be listed first and overloads will be figured based on the courses with fewer students.]

2. The ordinary teaching load for faculty members teaching master’s level course is not more than 6 hours per week.

3. In cases in which the instructor is teaching different courses at the bachelor’s level a full load will be 4 courses or 12 hours per week.

4. In case in which an outside special instructor would be invited to teach a course, all the full-time instructors in the department must be teaching full loads of 12 hours per week, except when there is no full-time instructor who is qualified to teach the course special permission must be sought from the Vice President for Academic Affairs in each case.

5. Determination of the teaching assignments for instructors in the Faculty of Science will be done as follows:*

5.1 The teaching load for laboratory practice sessions will be figured as 0.75 of a lecture hour.

5.2 Computer Projects courses, and Software Engineering courses will be figured on the basis of 1 student equivalent to 0.5 semester credits.

*It includes Computer Information Systems and Information Technology courses.

Issued as of 26 January 2009