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“NEWS TOPIC”: Announcements for students

Service Menu


1.    LOGIN Click to login to the system.
2.    EXAM SCHEDULE Click to see examination schedules one week before the examinations period.
3.    INSTRUCTOR TIMETABLE Click to see instructors’ class and examination schedules.
4.    ROOM TIMETABLE Click to see classrooms information.
5.    COURSE-CLASS Click to see available courses offered in each semester.
6.    CALENDAR Students have to comply with all schedules specified on an academic calendar.
7.    PROGRAM INFORMATION Click to see program information offered in the university.
8.    EXPECT GRADUATE Click to see statistical information about graduation expectation.
9.    DOWNLOAD FORMS Forms relevant to the Registration and Educational Services Office
10. FAQ Display frequent questions and answers via e-Registrar.
11. SYSTEM GUIDE Give suggestions and instructions needed to login e-Registrar.


Username      Student ID Code

Password       Use a Student ID Code for first time login.

Service Menu


1.    LOGOUT Students are supposed to click this menu to exit e-Registrar after use. Don’t leavethe page without logging off because other people might take a chance to access your system.
2.    CHANGE PASSWORD Use a Student ID Code for first time login. Later, all students are supposed tochange their password. It must be kept confidential at all times and should never be divulged to anyone.
3.    ENROLLMENT RESULT Click to see the enrollment result of each semester.
4.    STUDY TIMETABLE Click to study course and examination schedules.
5.    STUDENT BIOGRAPHY Click to see student profile.
6.    DEBT/SCHOLARSHIP Click to see outstanding debts or scholarship granted.
7.    GRADE RESULT Click to see students’ grades of each semester
8.    GRADUATION CHECK Click to see what courses students have already enrolled earlier and the curriculumstructure in order to plan their studies.
9.    DOWNLOAD FORMS Forms of the Registration and Educational Services Office can be downloaded here.
10. PETITION RESULT Click to see whether the requests students have submitted are approved or denied.
11. SUGGESTIONS Click to give suggestions via e-Registrar.
12. LOGIN STATISTIC Click to see users’ access statistics.
13. GET FREE SMS ALERT Students who use AIS mobile service can apply to get free messages sent by theRegistration and Educational Services Office.


  • Students can see the information in a particular semester or academic year by clicking at that semester or academic year.
  • Students are required to check their information in e-Registrar on a regular basis. If any incorrect information is found, please contact the Registration and Educational Services Office for changes.