Reporting to Payap University

Unit: Student and New Student Registration

Telephone: 0-5385-1478 Ext. 372


1. Present an acceptance letter and submit a copy of ID card to the Student and New Student Registration
2. Fill out a “Student Profile” form (PYU 0221/1/4/53).
3. Submit the following documents (all photocopied documents have to be certified):
3.1. A “Student Profile” form (PYU 0221/1/4/53)
3.2. An original, complete transcript and its two photocopies or (if graduated from overseas) an “Equivalency Certification” issued by the National Institute of Educational Testing Service, Ministry of Education
3.3. A photocopy of a student’s national ID card
3.4. A photocopy of a student’s house registration
3.5. A photocopy of a guardian’s house registration (as identified in the student profile)
3.6. A photocopy of a changed first/last name document (if their first/last names on their transcripts/diplomas are different from their current first/last names).
Remark: Students who fail to submit any document specified above are required to sign an agreement to submit all documents requested on a set date (within the first one month of a semester). If they still cannot meet the due date agreed, Payap University needs to act according to the regulations.
4. Receive an official student ID code and detailed information about tuition fees.
5. Pick up “Information for New Students.”
6. Have a photo taken which will be kept on e-Registrar.
7. Pay for the tuition fees at the Finance Office.
8. Students can check their records in e-Registrar ( once they receive the student ID codes. The codes are their first time login password. Students can access e-Registrar to see any information by clicking the academic year and the semester they are registered to be Payap University students.

Request for Credit Transfer from Higher Vocational Certificate Level

Unit: Educational Evaluation Unit

Telephone: 0-5385-1478 Ext. 373


1. Contact Office of Public Relations and Admissions (Ext. 241) to obtain a “Request for Credit Transfer from Higher Vocational Certificate Level Form” (PYU 0221/1/2/2553).
2. Fill out the form and submit the completed form, an original transcript from previous institutions, and its photocopy to the Educational Evaluation Unit.
3. The Office of Academic Affairs (Ext. 341) will notify the following information to students within one week.
3.1. The transfer result; and
3.2. Course placement tests (if any) and a placement test appointment
4. Report to Payap University for registration at the Registration and Educational Services Office (by following the specified instructions on Page 1).