I have decided to come to Payap University but I am confused about how I enrol?

You can find all the information on enrolment by following this link http://ic.payap.ac.th/prospective-students/admission.php

What programs do you offer apart from Information Technology?

A part from the Information Technology department we offer three other courses: English Communication, International Business Management and International Hospitality Management. More information can be found on the main website http://ic.payap.ac.th/undergraduate/

How do I get an Education visa?

You first need to fill out an application form which you can get at the admissions office or click here.  After completing the application we will collect 6,400 THB from foreign students as a deposit.  Admission will then issue acceptance and have all documents signed by the President of the university.  You will then need to take your signed acceptance letter and all paper work to immigration to complete the process.  More information can be found on our main website http://ic.payap.ac.th/prospective-students/visa-information.php

Do you have student accommodation, and how much does it cost?

All new first year students are required to live on campus for the first year.  The cost of this 18,200 THB per semester, however the summer term costs 7,800 THB.  This cost includes breakfast and dinner 5 days a week. Every student will be paired in a room with another student from a different country which we feel encourages the development of your English skills. More information can be found on our main website http://ic.payap.ac.th/prospective-students/dorm.php

Overall how much will it cost to study and live in Chiang Mai as a first year student?

If studying in the undergraduate program total cost per year in baht is approximately – of course each student is different:
130,000: Tuition for 1 year
40,000: Dormitory for 1 year
8,000: Text books for 1 year

24,000 for eating on weekends and lunch for 1 year

60,000 spending money (This can be any amount) for 1 year

262,000 Total needed to study for 1 year

What are the requirements I need to be accepted onto an International College program if I am not a native English speaker?

You must pass an English Proficiency test such as TOFEL or IELTS.

TOFEL Score:

Below 450 = Intensive English Program

450 to 479 = Foundation Studies Program (2 semesters)

480 to 499 = Interview

Above 500 = direct entry

At interview stage if you pass the interview you will be accepted into the program.  If you do not pass you will need to take the Foundation Studies Program.

Where can I take the General Education Development (GED) in Thailand?

You will need to take the test in Bangkok at an accredited testing centre.

Do we accept college level advanced placement courses (AP English, iGCSE)?

We do not accepted college level advanced placement courses as credit.