12. Study for a Second Bachelor’s Degree

Students who desire to continue their studies for a second Bachelor’s degree may do so according to the regulations of the Ministry of University Affairs regarding a second Bachelor’s degree. These are the salient points:

1 The student must have the qualifications to apply for a second Bachelor’s degree.

1.1 The student must have the qualifications specified in the regulations.

1.2 The student must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an an accredited institution and have received an accredited degree.

2 Regulations for studying toward a second Bachelor’s degree.

2.1 The student may be able to receive an exception from studying the generational education courses in the curriculum of the second degree. If. after consideration, it is decided that the student lacks knowledge in the general education courses they may be required to study those courses, but the credits will be counted separately and not included in the cumulative grade point average.

2.2. The student must register for courses including not less than 25% of the total number of credits in the second curriculum.

2.3 Courses which the student has already studied in the curriculum of the original degree must be considered for transfer into the second curriculum.

2.4 In order for a course to be considered for transfer to the second curriculum, three quarters of the course content must be the same as the content of the course in the second curriculum. The student must have received a grade of no lower than C in the course.

2.5 If the university feels that the student does not have adequate knowledge in the basics of the second curriculum the university may require the student to take those [basic] courses.

3 Length of student for the second degree: the total length of study for the second degree may not be longer than twice the length of student stipulated for the course of study, beginning with the start of study.

4 Consideration of comparison and transfer of courses must be down according to the regulations of the university regarding the transfer of courses 2553.