9. Graduation

A student must meet these requirements before receiving a degree, associate’s degree, or diploma:

9.1 The student must meet all the requirements according to the regulations and conditions of their curriculum. There may not be any general education or major courses for which they still have a grade of F, I, or NP. An exception is made for elective courses for which the student has taken another course in its place. The course in which the student received an F and the one substituted for it will both be counted in computation of the GPA. A replacement course can only count as replacing one other course.

9.2 The student must not take more time than is specified in the curriculum. This is measured from the time they first start study.

9.3 To receive a Bachelor’s degree the student must have a total cumulative GPA of not less than 2.0, and also a cumulative GPA for the sum of all the core courses and all the major courses of not less than 2.0.

9.4 A student who has completed all the coursework for a Bachelor’s degree, and has a GPA as specified (in 9.3 above) of less than 2.0 but not less than 1.75 will receive an associate degree.

9.5 A student who meets the requirements for a degree with honors will be considered to receive a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors.

9.6 The student must have no unpaid fees or obligations to the university.

9.7 The student’s behavior must be in keeping with the dignity of the degree.

9.8 Students who expect to graduate in any term must submit a form of intention to graduate at the time specified by the university to the Registration and Educational Services Office.