6. Academic Evaluation

6.1 An academic evaluation will be done for each student at the end of each semester.

6.2 The university will calculate a cumulative grade point average including every course for which the student has registered and received a regular grade (A, B +, B, C +, C, D +, D or F).

6.3 If a student registers to take a course more than once only the last grade they receive will count toward their grade point average.

6.4 If a student receives a grade in any course that does not meet the conditions of their curriculum they must retake the course until they meet the conditions.

6.5 the following formula is used in calculating the grade point average: they total of the numerical values of the grades given for all the credits for which the student has registered is divided  by the total number of credits. The results are calculated to two decimal places without rounding off.

6.6 The grade point average is calculated in two ways:

6.6.1 The semester GPA is the total values of the grades given for that semester divided by the number of credits for that semester.

6.6.2 The cumulative grade point average is the total of the values of the grades given