Ethical Development Training (IC Assembly)

We are pleased to announce Ethical Development Training for all IC undergraduate students on Wednesday, October 26th 2016 at 14:00 – 17:00.  We will review the Core Values that make Payap University unique and apply those principles in the real world through Community Service.

This training is mandatory for all 1st year students (IBM, EC, HIM, IT)  in order to complete the requirements for graduation.  If you do not attend this session and you are a 1st year student, you will not be able to graduate!!!     Please attend and learn the wonderful ways you can help make our world better through Community Service!

For 2nd to 4th Year students, you are invited to learn how to become involved in Community Service.  A refreshing of the Payap Values and how to properly document your service will be covered.  All 2nd to 4th year students that attend Ethical Development Training and submit the proper documentation for Community Service will have their academic transcript noted with the Assembly credit.  Community Service is what sets Payap University apart and makes a wonderful addition to your personal resume/CV.

Please mark your calendar.  Meeting classroom will be announced soon.

In Service,

IC Assembly

On Wednesday, 22 January 2016 we have our Assembly for second semester from 1:00 – 4:00 PM in the  Wira Meeting Room in the library building. Registration will be from 1:00-1:20 PM. At Payap, we are guided by our 5 Core Principles:

1. Transformation Toward Authentic Peace (shalom)
2. Build Trust through Truth
3. Service through Vocation
4. Delight in Diversity and Global Awareness
5. Faithful Stewardship (Oversight)

Once a semester, this assembly allows the Payap community to engage with these core principles. See you there!