Admissions Requirements


For Undergraduate Programs in the International College

  • Diploma from high school (grade 12, M6, or the result of an approved equivalency examination)
  • GPA of at least 2.00
  • If English is not a student’s first language, then that student must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of English (TOEFL 500 paper-based or 173 computer-based or IELTS 5.0).
  • Students with a TOEFL score below 500 or an IELTS score below 5.0 are required to study full-time in Payap’s Intensive English Program until they pass the advanced level or score above a 500 on Payap’s English Entrance Examination (TOEFL format).
  • Students within Thailand may submit a TOEFL or IELTS result or they may take the Payap English Admissions Test (PEAT). For more information regarding the Payap English Admissions Test, click here.
  • To have your TOEFL score sent to Payap University, use code number 5948 when indicating the institution that should receive your score.

Application Processing Time

In general, the admission process takes approximately 10 working days. If your documents are incomplete, it will take longer. If you are requesting credit for courses already studied, it will also take longer to process your application.

Application Acceptance

If your application is successful, you will receive an Acceptance Letter either by post or by e-mail to the address provided on your application. There will be useful information included in the Acceptance Letter, including the date that you should report to the university, student orientation, information regarding the international dormitory, and the point of contact from your particular department or program.

Upon reporting to the university, you will need to bring your Acceptance Letter with you when you report to your advisor. Students will complete a registration form with the assistance of their advisor. The completed registration form will need to be delivered to the Registrar’s Office. Upon confirmation from the Registrar’s Office, the student will receive an official student identification number.

Visa Letter

Upon confirmation of acceptance into one of the International College programs, i.e., receipt of Acceptance Letter, international students will be required to pay a deposit of 6,400 Thai Baht. The entire amount of this deposit will go towards the tuition and fees paid later at registration. Upon receipt of deposit, the Admissions Office will issue a visa letter to the student. This letter will be required when the student applies for a student visa in their home country. Students must take this letter to the Thai Embassy in their home country in order to obtain a 3-month non-immigrant visa. Once enrolled and entered in the Payap University system, the student will then notify our Personnel Office to obtain the appropriate student visa.