Dr. Robert Batzinger


Dr. Robert Batzinger
Instructor (part-time)

Ph.D. (Pathobiology), Johns Hopkins University, USA, 1978
Master of Science (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science), Indiana University, USA, 2011
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 1972

Payap University – Mae Khao Campus
Room VV202
Science Building
Ph: (+66) 53 241 255 – 86 Ext. 251


Dr. Robert Batzinger received his Ph.D. in Pathobiology from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He also has a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Science, Indiana University – South Bend, IN., and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

He is interested in the following areas of research:

  • Use of Thai version of Cucumber to design and test software
  • Use of Yed as a Ruby case tool
  • Development of Thai slides and handouts in Beamer compiled in XeLaTeX
  • Redevelopment of a lost Thai Metafont
  • Implementation of a Thai student retention system
  • Improving freshmen computer science grades using Scratch and active learning techniques

For more information, see http://science.payap.ac.th/cs/bob/

Semester 2 Year 2013

  • IIT 211 Algorithms and Problem Solving